Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Search is ON

We are in the midst of trying to find tickets back to the States from China this summer. Our dates are somewhat flexible, but our budget is limited, and it's a bit of a challenge.

An initial glance at Northwest and United puts us at $1,900+ per adult. Seriously?? Oy.

But! I found a site called AirGorilla that has flights on United for $1,300+. This is looking a little better. For only $856+ per adult we could make the trip if we are willing to fly three separate legs on three airlines, including Hainan Airlines. Nothing against the Chinese, but I'm guessing the in flight entertainment on the overseas flight to Seattle would be less than ideal. We could also fly Air Canada for $1,100+ if we don't mind a 14 hour layover in Toronto. I mind.

So the search continues. I keep switching our dates around, hoping for some magical combination that will allow us to fly at a reasonable rate. Isn't there a recession right now? Shouldn't air travel be cheap? Let me know if you've heard of a good way to get from here to there without shelling out too much green.


Tracie said...

Hi Gina. We had the same problem. I don't know if these rates are still available and you probably already know this trick, but did you try buying from the China site of Northwest? There was a big price difference between that and the US site. We found tickets for just over 1000 a piece, and I know Karen found the same price last week. We also found almost identical prices through Hainan, but it depends on if American flies direct from Seattle to your US destination whether that may work. I know it's stressful-- I hope you find something quick!! :)

Sarah DeSalvo said...

Hey, I just found your blog through the "for missionary moms" site. We live in Indonesia and have visited Singapore a couple times (LOVE it!) Just wanted to say that the last couple times we have found good prices through United (traveling through Singapore) and found their service and entertainment to be very good. With that long of a flight, it's always a consideration, right?!

Gina Marie said...

Thanks jungle wife :) We finally gave up on tickets this summer - felt like God was saying, "Stay put!" We'll have just moved to a new country and we think it would be better if we just settled and spent the summer adjusting.