Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's back to hot

Our re-entry into Singapore from the frozen tundra of sub-zero Minnesota was eased by the fact that we came during the best of time year in Singapore: the post-rainy-season-heavy-on-the-tropical-breezes time. I've talked about this before - we leave our windows open all the time, and save loads of money on air con (as long as they do that "actual reading" on the meter).

That time has now ended, and I'm reminded that Singapore is hot. Current conditions indicate it is 91, but "feels like 100" due to 55% humidity. So we're back to AC. The problem is, our maid really got used to us having the windows open. I'm sure that in the 13 years she worked for a Chinese family, she was encouraged to do what most Singaporean families do - leave the windows open all the time regardless of how blazing hot it is. They save a lot of money, those Singaporeans. But we are Minnesotans. We do cold. So when it's 91, we want to nudge it down a bit in here.

So a little battle has ensued. I come into a room, turn on the AC, and close the window. When I leave, I turn it off. When I come back in, I will find that the windows are open again. Now, I recognize that she's just trying to keep it cool in here, but 91 degree breezes just don't feel that good. I haven't said anything because it's just not worth saying, but I think she's a little confused by this change in our house.

Speaking of change, we woke up yesterday to a general haze over Singapore. Ethan said, "Hey mom - look at the moon! It's so red!" What followed was several minutes of our family debating whether it was the moon or the sun. Erik ended the debate by stating that the moon couldn't possibly shine that bright through so much haze. Good point. It then became frightening to realize we'd all been staring at the sun.

This used to happen all the time in China. I'd stare at what I thought was a lightpost, thinking, "Why'd they put a light right there?" only to realize it was the sun. You haven't seen haze til you've seen it in China, but this is surprising for Singapore. It's because of some fires in Indonesia, I believe. I'm kind of thankful for it though, because otherwise it would be even hotter.

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Starlene said...

I was really enjoying the weather before it got back to the "normal hot," as I call it. I still prefer to have the windows open rather than the aircon but I'm from Southern CA so heat is my norm.

I noticed the haze that day and saw the sun also. I thought: "How strange. I've never seen it look kind of foggy like that in Singapore before." After I noticed the color of the sun I wondered if there was a fire somewhere because that's exactly what it looked like to me. Now you've answered my question.