Friday, February 13, 2009

Another hot tip

I'm sure all of you rushed out and bought those frozen blueberries I told you about a few weeks ago. Well, here's another money saving opportunity: at Mustafa right now they have Raisin Mini-Wheats for $2 a box. That's right, $2. They were previously marked $8.80, but they expire March 31, so this is what the Cold Storage people call a "quick sale."

We bought three boxes last night. Erik had a bowl when we got back from the movie, and it was good. There were tons of boxes left so head on over there - level 2 straight ahead if you take the stairs over by the cosmetics on level 1.

Yours for inexpensive living in Singapore . . .

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Starlene said...

I love getting things that are reduced for quick sale at Cold Storage. I think my best find was the Swedish Meatball mix I found shortly after moving here. I must have bought at least 10 packets. My other "best buy" was Nilla Wafers! Those didn't last long in this home.

Thanks for posting your tips for good buys. I know that I appreciate them. :-)