Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Highway Robbery

I try not to bring too many things back from the States which I can get here, unless they are much cheaper in the US (and bringing them will not result in extra baggage charges, thus negating our savings). One thing I brought back this time was just for fun - some toasted hazelnut scented hand soap from Target. Of course we can get hand soap here, but not this kind. Or so I thought.

I did see the exact same kind (Method brand) at a place called Brown Rice Paradise yesterday, which is a health food store. I was surprised and thought, "Gosh, I could just buy it here," until I saw the price, which was S$13.50 a bottle. I think I bought this bottle on sale for US$2.49. With the current exchange rate, I saved $7.51 by buying it in the States. As we say in Minnesota, "Heckuva deal."

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Starlene said...

I saw that Method brand stuff at the Brown Rice store a few weeks ago and I almost LOL right there in the aisle. Actually, I may have actually LOL because I remember laughing about something in the store there and my girls asking what was so funny. I just can't remember if it was the Method stuff or one of the many other items that were, as you put it, "highway robbery." That's the perfect description.