Friday, February 13, 2009

A conversation with Lisa

While we were enjoying Slumdog Millionaire (the best movie I've seen in YEARS), our maid Lisa was having this conversation with Megan:

Lisa, commenting on Megan getting rid of her baby doll, "Do you think I should keep this baby doll and when I have a baby I can give it to her to play with?"

Megan, "But what if you have a boy?"

Lisa, "I will ask God to give me a girl."

Megan, "You think he will just drop a girl down to you?"

Lisa, "No, I will ask him to put a baby in my tummy."

Megan, "You know you have an egg in your tummy right now."

Lisa, "I know. So do you."

Megan, "Yes, but I'm not going to use it."

Lisa, "Why not?"

Megan, "I'm not going to get married."

Lisa, "Maybe when you're 30, you'll tell your mom and dad that you want to get married."

Megan, "Nope, I'm never going to get married."

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