Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where are they COMING from?!?!

It happened again. I was making a sandwich, and noticed an ant on the counter. While I was ending his life, I felt a prickle on my arm. I thought, "Gosh, I have one on my arm too." Yeah, no. It was, you guessed it, another cockroach.

Ok, seriously. My house has never been cleaner. There are places Lisa has cleaned which it has never crossed my MIND to clean. She's even cleaned the garbage chute, God love her. The same garbage chute which I will open and close which such speed that you'd think I'm super human. I do this because I am terrified that if it is open too long a huge cockroach will see this as an invitation into my kitchen. This is an extremely plausible scenario. The fact that she stood there with it gaping open actually putting her arm in the lion's mouth, so to speak, long enough to give it a thorough cleaning makes me stand in awe of her.

Yet despite the domination of my cleaning crusader, these giant cockroaches keep finding their way into my kitchen and ONTO MY ARM. Why? How? And how many more times will Lisa get to hear me scream like a freak?


Rebecca said...

Your maid cleaned your garbage chute! Where did you find this wonder-woman?? Does she take side jobs?? =)

Gina Marie said...

I wish she could take side jobs! I'm wondering what she's going to do while we are in the States for nearly two months. I'd hire her out to all my maid-less friends if it weren't illegal.

Ryan said...

I wish I could be there when that happens. I really do. Video camera in-hand.

Victoria said...

i love that they keep getting on your arm....maybe you are the source...hmmmmm--Men In Black anyone?