Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I concede

I stated on my Facebook status today that I have succumbed to Erik's cold. It was unavoidable - if something can take down that rock solid immune system, do the rest of us even have a ghost of a chance? Never.

But I just realized I have succumbed to something else - the draw of the hand phone. Note this post from 2006. I was all supercilious and archaic in my attitude toward hand phones. Look at me now. It's sitting next to me like a faithful puppy, chirping at me at regular intervals with a new text message from my friends. I take it with me everywhere. Many days it's in my pocket. If I leave the house without it, I have the panicked feeling, "What if someone needs to get in touch with me? What will I DO?!?" At times like that, I remind myself that for the first 30 years of my life, I had no phone with me, and everything turned out just fine.

I will admit defeat and say that I love my hand phone. Since I am with my kids the majority of the day, I don't have time for long uninterrupted phone calls with friends. And since many of my friends here are in the same boat, they don't have time either. So we communicate primarily by text message. It gets comical when I see that I've texted a friend about 15 times within half an hour, and we start typing messages like, "Maybe I should just call you . . . " I love that I can even text my great friend Ginger in Turkey of all places. In fact, I think I'll do that right now. Oh wait, no it's 6 a.m. there. Well, you see my point. I heart my hand phone!

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