Thursday, November 06, 2008

Scream if You're Dying

I've never appreciated the alarm system on our car. It's the classic combination of honking and beeping which continues until you find that little button on your key fob. Or in our case, for a full minute until it decides it's done screaming because that little button is useless. This is because the only time our alarm goes off is when the battery in our car is dying. In Singapore, this happens about once a year. Yes, the batteries are very, very weak.

Unfortunately, our battery appears to be dying again, because when we opened this car this morning the alarm went off. It went off again when I unlocked the car so Ethan could hop out and buy me a Coke Light (it's so nice to have kids at that level of independence!). We were blessed with it again when exiting the car at Plaza Singapura, and twice upon re-entry because it objects both to doors opening and the car being put into drive.

Last year when this happened I thought it was because my key fob was dying. I suffered through this for several days, each time screaming, "I'm not stealing you, you stupid car! I OWN YOU!" to no avail. When my car battery finally died, I mentioned to the service man that the key fob was acting up, and he told me it was related to the battery. He also showed me how to disable the alarm. I forgot that bit today. Thankfully, Erik remembered when I came home and told him we've got a screaming car again.

The men are coming tomorrow to fix it and change the oil. I love the car service in Singapore - they come pick up your car and return it serviced. It's a good thing they can come because the kids were refusing to go back in the car ever again.


Ryan said...

WOW. They pick up your car for you? Amazing. Also, maybe you should pick up a DieHard battery while you're here. :) See you soon!

Gina Marie said...

Yeah, the service is great here. Should be for what you pay for the car! The gas stations are full service too. It's funny to me that most Singaporeans probably have no idea how to pump their own gas. I think that's one of those skills everyone should possess because you never know when you're going to be in a country where you have to do it yourself.

I wish I could pick up a better battery for my car! Might be a bit heavy to bring back though. Can't understand why they make such terrible batteries here. Can you imagine if it actually got cold here? None of the cars would ever start.

Ryan said...

I think maybe that's the reason they have terrible batteries: Winter does not exist in Singapore.