Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Accountability I may regret

I've been debating whether or not I should put this information on my blog, because I know once I do it will spread through cyber space like wildfire and I will either have to follow through or bear the shame of quitting for the rest of my days. Ah, there I go, believing that anyone besides my parents and my friend Wendy read my blog. :) And Ryan. And maybe a few others.

Anyway, here I go: I've been talked into running a half marathon. My friend Lindsey just ran a marathon, at midnight no less. She's done one before, but still - she's got a baby less than a year old! Then I saw that video, the one with the 60 some year old man who takes his impaired son on a triathlon and I thought, "Oh I am so sad. I don't think I can even run a mile." I mean, I've always just been one of those "I run when chased" people. And to be frank, no one ever chases me.

But I decided I should push myself a little. A very little. I committed in my mind to a 5K. I printed out a training schedule which required me to run 1.5 miles in the first week. I was ridiculously proud of myself for doing it. That was when Lindsey laid down the bigger challenge of the half marathon. I was incredibly doubtful that I could run 13.1 miles when 1.5 seemed such cause for celebration. She told me she started her recent marathon training from 1.5 miles. Maybe she lied to me, but it was enough to make me give it a shot.

I'm on week 4 right now, and last night I ran five miles. I told myself that it would be ok if I walked part of it, but I only walked 3 minutes, and I think if I'd had a gun to my head, I wouldn't even have needed to do that (then again, there are lots of things I could push through with a gun to my head). I even managed to run the last .2 miles which were up a hill.

I don't know if I'll make it to the race. I really hope I do. I look ahead to the weeks when I have to run 8, 9, 10 miles and I think, "How will I do that?" and "that seems really long and boring" and also, "What if I have to use the bathroom halfway through?" But come August 24th (race day) we'll how I fare. Wish me luck!


Ryan said...

Hence forth your Indian name shall be "Runs when chased".

Gina Marie said...

:) Ha! I'll put that on the back of my jersey when I run the race.

Ryan said...

Puns are fun!
"Runs when chaste"