Monday, June 30, 2008

Ethan is funny

We stopped in the Lego store today on our marathon of browsing in stores and not finding the things for which we searched. Ethan saw this castle set he wants. The reason he wants this is because he has something called "Lego Imagination" which his friends started and he has taken up as a hobby. They each have a Lego board on which they build various structures. Ethan has a room at Tal and Keenan's Lego Imagination, as do Dawson and Ben. Ethan and Dawson both have "museums" in their Lego Imaginations that contain all the fun pieces they own, like light sabers and helmets. I have told Ethan that if he can show me that Lego Imagination is something that will take up a lot of those "I'm bored" hours, then I will buy him a bigger flat board for his building.

So when he saw the castle set, he decided he wanted it because it has money pieces, and it seems that money plays into these Lego Imaginations. As we walked out he said, "I really want that. I realllly want it! No, I don't want it. I NEEEED it! Yes, I NEEED it!" I made a comment about him being soundly American, but he didn't quite understand.

In the car on the way home, he said something else very funny, something that started with, "What am I talking about? I AM . . . " but neither of us can remember now what it was. But trust me, it was funny.

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Ryan said...

I am... American?