Thursday, June 21, 2007

In the Land of Choice

I've always said that you can get anything in Singapore, which is essentially true. But after being back in the US for a week, I've realized you can get anything there if you don't care about having a choice. You can get deodorant, if you want Lady Speed Stick. You want diet pop? Here's Coke Light, enjoy.

But here - this is the land of choice. You want deodorant? Here - here are 150 choices for you. You can even get deodorant that sparkles (and haven't you always wanted sparkly armpits?). You want diet pop? Diet Coke alone comes in about 10 varieties, including vitamin enhanced.

I went to the grocery store yesterday morning to get milk, and spent a fascinating time wandering the aisles just to see all the new products (Crystal Light makes green tea with raspberry now - it was almost appealing). I felt like an old person looking at new technology for the first time, "Well, will you look at that . . . " It's fun, but in some ways I miss the simplicity of limited choices.

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