Thursday, June 07, 2007

Consider what your clothing says

If you ever travel to another country and see a t-shirt you think looks cool because it has some foreign script on it, think again before you buy. You really need to know what you are proclaiming to the world. I've seen people in China wearing all kinds of obscenities which I'm sure they didn't know.

Here in Singapore you'd think people would know better. Most of the population speaks English, and if they don't, they must know someone who does. The other day I saw an Asian woman wearing a shirt that said something like, "BLOND, but still smart." Today I saw a woman with a white t-shirt that said, "In" with an arrow pointing up and "down" with an arrow pointing down. And then in the back it had a pretty little black tie. Aside from this being somewhat unfashionable, why did she want to draw attention to her digestive system? And on it goes.

My favorite of all time was an old man in China wearing a white shirt with an American flag on it. Under the flag it said, "Smoking CanKill" (sic). Guess what he was doing? Don't be one of these people.

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