Monday, May 07, 2007

A Confident Idiot

I had a friend in college named Josh. We met in English class, where we got into a verbal debate. Afterwards, he caught up to me and apologized, then bluntly asked, "Do you believe in God?" This led to many conversations about the existence of God, truth, relativism, and the like. One subject we covered was this phrase, "If I believe there is a God and there isn't, I haven't missed anything. But if I believe there isn't a God, and there is, I've lost everything." While I agree with the latter half of that statement, I have since come to believe that the first part is ludicrous. It only makes sense if Christianity is simply a means to turn ordinary people into moral, socially responsible citizens who can die with a clear conscience.

I think this in particular as I consider our current state of affairs. Here we are, banking on the idea that a God out there somewhere loves us enough and is powerful enough to make an apartment open up in a specific condominium within the next five weeks. And if it doesn't happen, I'm willing to believe that it wasn't the best thing for us. If there isn't a God, I'm a blooming idiot! Seriously, if there's no God, my life makes no sense whatsoever and we should quit ministry, move back to the States, and find lucrative careers that give us the easy life.

But I am confident that there is a God. And while there are times I wish my life were a little more certain, stepping out in faith in this circumstance is exciting. So what are you doing today that makes the world think you're an idiot?

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Andrew said...

hey there's a verse where paul says something about how if Christ wasn't raised, we are to be pitied above all people.

i think this is basically the same thing.