Friday, May 18, 2007

Another proud moment

Ethan has been taking a homeschool pirate class on Friday afternoons for the past few weeks. Today he gave a presentation on "Pirates and the Roman Empire" (each kid had to pick a topic for research, and he chose that because we're studying the Roman Empire in history).

I was nervous for him, because he has never been a performer. Whenever he was in childcare at conferences growing up and the kids all gave a big presentation at the end of the week, he was the one standing on the end staring at the audience with a look that said, "When is this done?" I was sure he would resist presenting, or if he did prepare, he might freeze up when he got there.

Instead, he was pretty enthusiastic about it. I made him practice several times which he did willingly. Despite my coaching to look at the audience, he stuck to his notes (but I was so thrilled that he was able to read 12 note cards of my writing about things as obscure as ancient Rome!). He did stop to point things out on his poster that included a map. He wasn't willing to let me videotape or take pictures, but my friend's son also presented so she caught it on tape.

I feel like this was a huge step for him, though he kept reminding me that he did a skit at the Cub Scout pack meeting a few weeks ago in front of over 100 people, so this was easy. It's fun to see how much he's growing.

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Sherri said...

That's a big deal! I know you were proud of him...woo hoo!