Friday, May 25, 2007

Stop the Insanity

The Singapore airport has succumb to the bizarre rules regarding what kind of liquids you can take on flights. From my understanding, all this insanity stems from one man who attempted to create an explosive material from several liquids while on a flight. No word on whether or not they proved he could have been successful.

As a result, the entire world is subject to placing such innocuous things as saline solution and Benadryl in tiny containers for viewing in a plastic bag. You can't even take a bottle of water (what am I going to do with water?!).

I had no liquids aside from a small liquid lip gloss which I seriously thought they might question. It must have been too buried in my bag. Which of course begs the question - if I really could make something fatal with liquid, would I actually display it for you in a plastic bag?

We flew Singapore Air this week to China. Singapore Air is one of the best airlines in the world. The food is recognizable and even somewhat good, unlike American airliners which serve food that I imagine can't be much better than prison food. Sing Air even serve you real silverware. Wait, what? I can't bring my water bottle on, but feel free to take those sharp ball point pens and shoelaces, and here, have some sharp metal objects to eat with. Something isn't right here.

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