Saturday, January 20, 2007

Head wounds bleed a lot

My mother has always told me, "Head wounds bleed a lot." (This has been in the context of head injuries, not just randomly as we're shopping or making dinner or something like that). I'm grateful for that, especially today, when I saw a stranger bringing my son out of his gymnastics class with the left side of his face covered with blood. It's more than a bit disarming when your child is bleeding so much that you don't even know where the source is. I just swallowed and told myself, "Head wounds bleed a lot, head wounds bleed a lot!"

Of course he was already wearing his cub scout shirt for our afternoon activity, and it was proving itself effectiveness at absorbing blood. Once we got him to the bathroom and washed him off, we found that his head was only scratched less than a centimeter, with one small hole in the middle like he'd run into a nail. The woman who brought him to me went back and checked, but couldn't find anything sharp on the box he ran into while playing, so the hole remains a mystery.

We still went to the cub scout activity (after washing and drying the shirt) and on the way home, Ethan asked if he could watch a movie as a special treat because of his injury. So Megan asked, "Mommy, if I get a bloody head can I watch a favorite movie?" How do you answer that?


Ryan said...

haha. "Only if you do it on purpose"

Andrew said...

hey i got two of those growing up. i think i got to stay home from school for a little bit and i played video games.

my scratch was a bit bigger than ethatn's though...but i don't remember the pain, just being scared of so much blood.

cuz it was mine

Sherri said...

Good question...oh my! That sounds like something one of mine would ask!
What did you say?

Gina Marie said...

I told her that yes, if she got a head wound, she could surely watch a movie. But also that we hoped she would not get a bloody head. Right now she has a black eye from running into Ethan while on her scooter, so she's had her injury for the week.

Michelle said...

Faith has a black eye too. Its from sledding. Speaking of heads hows your tension doing?