Thursday, January 04, 2007

Smells like hell, tastes like heaven? Yeah, right.

To experience Singapore in full, you must do several things - see the Merlion, go to Mustafa, drink a Singapore Sling, eat roti prata and chicken murtabak and lots of other local foods, and of course, eat durian.

They say durian "smells like hell but tastes like heaven." I so beg to differ. Today I had my first taste of durian. I have smelled it more times than I care. It smells like rotten melon. Turns out it the taste is equivalent or worse. It's hard to say, as it didn't stay in my mouth too long. It was easily one of the most disgusting foods I have ever eaten. And this is once I got past the look and the texture. Imagine something that looks like fermented chicken meat, to the point where it has become mushy. Stringy even. It doesn't just squish through your fingers, it clings to them. Now put that in your mouth. That's durian. Erik's mom and I searched with haste for anything else to put in our mouths that could remove the taste (mandarin oranges - real ones, not canned! - to the rescue!).

Why did I try it? Erik's family leaves tomorrow and we just had to squeeze in this last "must do." Now I know I must never, ever do that again.


Sherri said...

Oh were brave to try that! Well, that is yet another experience that you have had that we here in the states haven't!!
You brave girl!!

Gina Marie said...

It makes me think of that joke, "What's gross? . . . what's grosser than gross?" The answers here being, "durian . . . . eating durian."