Saturday, January 20, 2007

A New Tactic

As expected, Thursday morning I found myself staring down a tension headache. I've discovered a pattern - usually my body reacts a few days after the stress, so even if I realize that I'm getting uptight and relax, I suffer the consequences later.

I decided this time to pursue a new tactic. There is a place nearby called "Visually Impaired Reflexology Clinic." I would call it Blind Massage, but maybe that isn't PC. I dropped my kids off at a friend's house and managed to work up a good sweat on the 10 minute walk there because it was 180 degrees outside. (ok, maybe not that hot. It was just the fact that the sun was shining in its full glory which in Singapore means dripping sweat). So the back of my shirt was all wet. Not the most appealing thing for someone to massage, I'll admit, but I am not yet to the point where I feel comfortable stripping down for a massage, especially for a man.

But he was a nice man. I guess visually impaired means "not completely blind" for him because he seemed able to see ok. I chose a 30 minute head and neck massage for S$25. It ended up being more like 45 minutes and he only charged me S$22 because I was low on cash and his credit card machine was broken. And he really knew his stuff - he could tell right where I was tense and knew how to work it out.

Did it do the trick? Well, I feel about 90% better, which is more effective than anything else I've tried. I may go back tomorrow afternoon when Erik is back (finally!). I am incredibly thankful for this option. From now on it will be my first line of defensive.


Sherri said...

That is so great! I would do it too if it helps. I know how horrible headaches can feel! I'm sure the walk there was horrible with the headache and feeling so bad to begin with :(. I'm glad you've found something to help!

Gina Marie said...

It's funny - a lot of the time a tension headache for me is more like mild dizziness and an intense awareness of my head, rather than pain. And my neck just gets really stiff because the muscles are tight. So actually, I can function pretty well with one, but it's just persistent.

Sherri said...

Do you think there is a chance that you have TMJ problems? That's what causes my headaches and stiff neck. Is it worse on one side. It would make sense that it follows tension...that's what causes flareups..that and increased caffeine intake.
Just a thought.

Gina Marie said...

Possible. I had a bit of a TMJ problem in college, but this is almost always unilateral. I don't really drink any caffeine, or rarely, so I doubt that's it. My neurologist just said it was chronic tension headaches, which could have no trigger at all actually.

Gina Marie said...

Scratch that - I meant to say bilateral. Usually pretty much the whole back of my head.