Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bragging on my sis

I know I've mentioned my incredible brother several times, but I don't know that I've talked much about my wonderful sister. Lisa is older than me by three years, and looks absolutely nothing like me. To begin with, she looks not even close to her 36 years. She has almost black hair and darker skin, green eyes, and a face that looks like she's wearing make up even though she never does. You might think I'd be a little green eyed monster about all this, but I consider it God's blessing on her because of the one condition that defines her most - she is mentally impaired.

I could go on forever about that and how it has changed me as a person, but that's not the point of this point. I just want to brag about her a bit because in the last year she has accomplished something that it seems most Americans find too difficult to pursue: She has lost 60 pounds on her own. It's been completely due to self-discipline through diet and exercise. She's used the principles from Weight Watchers to keep track of points every day, making sure she eats healthy and doesn't eat too much. At this point she's lost more than my almost 7 year old weighs. Considering her mental condition, I say this is no small accomplishment.

I hold her up as an inspiration and example to all who are carrying some extra weight - if she can do it, anyone can.

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Sherri said...

What a great testimony!