Monday, October 24, 2005

Evil Skier

Confession time: Many of the movies I've watched in the past 6 years I didn't see in a movie theater or rent from Blockbuster. They were purchased at rock bottom prices from what appeared to be legitimate stores but who are we kidding? I could give you a lot of reasoning and justification, but that's not the point of my story. The point is that there are many amusing things about watching them. Often they are taped in a theater, so you find yourself wanting to say, "Down in front" to no effect, since you can see someone's head in front of the camera. And you get the studio audience feeling, listening to the laughter in the theater. One personal favorite experience of mine was after watching The Truman Show with some friends. Halfway through the credits, the movie cut to a shot of a dead fish on plate right in the middle of someone's dining room table. It was like they taped over some home video.

But my all time favorite, recurring snafu of late is "evil skier" credits. I guess some people were too lazy to stay and tape the credits, so they've selected the credits from some random movie to slap on anything. The cast, in order of appearance, is a bunch of skiers, the second being "evil skier." We've seen these credits on everything from Princess Diaries 2 to Bourne Supremacy.

Today the kids watched the end of the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There was a moment of black after the end of the movie, and I knew it was coming. "Evil skier credits!" I cried. Sure enough, the familiar music started (a bit like the Bear in the Big Blue House theme) and up scrolled evil skier. Erik and I laughed heartily. See, you just don't get this experience with regular, full priced movies.


Gina Marie said...

Sometimes you get the ones that people send out for viewing purposes, like award shows. Those are good. Or if you wait until they're for sale in the states. Those are good too. Just depends on how much you want to see it while it's still in the theaters.

Blorge said...

Gina, I've watched some of the movies you've sent to Chris and I have to laugh at the translations. Sometimes there are minor type-os ("the bourne inenity") but my favorite was seeing "The Others" called "Los Otros" when the back cover was all in Spanish, but the movie itsself was in English.

Gina Marie said...

Yeah, we have "Los Increibles" for the Incredibles. I particularly enjoy the descriptions of the movies on the backs. Once I saw one that was actually reviews for the movies, but they had phrases like, "An abysmal effort." Nothing like honesty.