Thursday, October 06, 2005

American Singaporean

I've been thinking about the fact that you often hear of people who are something-American. Like Chinese American, or Japanese American. But you don't hear about, for example, an American Chinese or an American African. Maybe you do, but I don't.

Ethan's asked me before if he grows up in Singapore will he be Singaporean. Maybe it's the difference of whether or not we give up our citizenship. But do you think that would make him Singaporean? I guess my question is - what would it take for your kids to really be another nationality? Maybe it's a personal decision, maybe it depends on whether your host country even allows you to gain citizenship (I don't think China does).

I suspect my kids will grow up not really feeling like they are any nationality, which I lament at times, but not too much. I hope it will make them focus on their true citizenship, which is eternal and not dependent on geography.

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Princess said...

From personal experience. your kids will be more attravted to the nationality the country you are in belong to. They dont want to be outsiders. When they grow older, maybe 18, they will developed their likes and dislikes, and so they will probably have some interest for where they come from and why did they have to live in a different culture all this time.
God... I am married today to someone who is neither of the nationalities I have been belonged to as a kid.
I am not saying everyone are the same, but most are, most do go through the same experience as I did.
I just think you should never stop your kids of being "singaporean" but at the same time, let them know about where they come from... america.
hope that makes sense