Thursday, October 20, 2005

A new form of torture

I've discovered a new form of torture, particularly suited to people with high structure needs like me. Give a child the person's watch and let him lose it somewhere in the house. The watch will continue to beep once every hour - just enough for the person to hear it, but not long enough for them to find it. Now, not only are you succeeding in depriving them of their great need to know the time, but they are regularly reminded that the watch is still out there somewhere, taunting them.

I know that this form of torture is effective because it is currently being used on me. Fortunately, I have another watch I can use, but it doesn't have all my fun features like the date, the timer, my alarm. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to get up in the morning because my watch is my alarm, but I found a travel alarm that is actually more effective. I'd grown immune to the other one.

On another note, you should all know that the stuff in your eye when you wake up which you may call crusties or eye boogers, is called sleepy seeds. Ethan told me that, and Ethan is quite smart. Speaking of seeds, we have managed to grow two small plants in his bedroom. They're flower plants. We're not sure which ones are really growing - we planted three kinds and did our best to make sure they didn't get mixed up but they did. So we'll tell you what they are when they bloom.


Michelle said...

did you find it yet?

Gina Marie said...

Yeah. I was telling my mom about it on the phone and I said, "It's probably under Megan's bed or something." Ethan overheard me, ran into her room and sure enough, it was under the bed. I'm cognitively at peace with myself again.