Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The best part of my day

I have a good life. Every day I experience a thousand little joys like gifts from God, reminders of His tender love for me. But one experience I treasure every day and it is this: at night, before I go to bed, I creep into the rooms of my children and watch them sleep for a minute. Sometimes I lay down next to them and kiss them or hold their hands. On ocassion I even pick them up for a minute. But Megan will sometimes wake up just a little - just enough to realize I'm there - and will wrap her little arms around my neck, maybe even stroke my hair or my back. If I could bottle the joy of those moments and sell it, I'd be the richest person on earth.

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chinatammy said...

oh! so very sweet Gina! It was fun catching up on your blog. I love the new template! Looks good. I'm inspired to change mine around a bit now too. :)