Sunday, May 08, 2005

Tribute to my mom

Aside from all the feeding, clothing, changing, loving and various baby needs my mom met when I was a child, today I got to reflecting on the myriad ways my mom poured into our lives throughout the years:

When we were at home, she was home. She made us fabulous birthday cakes in requested shapes, she taught us crafts, how to bake, how to sew. She bundled us up and put plastic bags in our moon boots, and instilled a love for reading, and encouraged our imaginations so we made up games like "Highway to Heaven" and "Library" and "Going to California."

She let me try dance, gymnastics, art, Latin, music, writing, 4H, theater. She gave me freedom to choose things from clothes (from the sounds of it I had some strong opinions from about age 2), to boyfriends while wisely keeping her mouth shut. I'm sure her tongue must have been bleeding at times from biting it too hard.

She cared about our spiritual upbringing, teaching us about God, sending us to Sunday School and VBS and Bible camp (except I really hated Camp Cherith), and switched churches so we could be in a good youth group. She was discerning in what we watched and listened to, and knew who my friends were.

Despite all her great efforts to cook, which I know she didn't really enjoy, I have to say my favorite Brenna family meal was popcorn and apple slices on Sundays nights when we'd eaten out that day. I'm glad we didn't eat out much, and that when we went on vacations we'd pack lunches - I've learned that doing so is not only frugal, but it breeds gratitude for special times.

From the day I left for college, she has called me every Sunday night (that's 14 years now). She sent packages - not just then, but even now when we are overseas - at every opportunity, and when we go home, there is always a pile of special things she has collected for us and our kids.

I could go on and on about the ways my mom has poured into me and my siblings, but this post is already long enough. Mom, thanks for being a constant, supportive, giving presence in my life.
I love you, Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom, Gina. It inspires me to evaluate the legacy I'm leaving to Bethany. Being more purposeful would be a major step in the right direction along with brainstorming "Making Memories."

I love your writing. Were you a journalism major?

Gina Marie said...

I was not a journalism major, though I did seriously consider being an English major. I think the grammar turned me off, even though I'm not bad at grammar. That and thinking, "What could I do with an English major?" and coming up with nothing.