Monday, May 23, 2005

The Other Side

Several people have asked me if it's hard to drive on the left side of the road here. The truth is, it's not, for several reasons:
1. I haven't driven for the better part of six years, so I'm not stuck in a habit.
2. Many of the roads here are one way, so you just follow the traffic.
3. Everyone else is driving on the left side, so it would be quite obvious if you started driving toward them.

The only real danger we've found is if we try to turn right and stay right on a big road where there's a median. It would be tough to turn around once you pass the median. Fortunately, the few times we've been tempted, we've caught ourselves in time.

The differences are minor - turning on the wipers instead of the turn signal, since they are switched, or expecting someone to be coming on my right when I'm turning right (I don't know why I think this). When we go back to the states in a few weeks though, I think I'm going to need someone to drive with me for the first few days, just in case. If you live in the vicinity of Rochester, MN, you may want to avoid driving from June 6-8th or so.

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