Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Thoughts While Driving

I know what you're thinking. "Gina's obsessed with this driving thing. Doesn't she realize that the rest of us do it every day?" Yes, I'm aware of that. But keep in mind that often driving is a highlight in my day. Without it I would probably be talking about Dora the Explorer, or whatever else seems to be occupying our house at the moment.

So here are some random thoughts from the salad bar of my driving mind. First, I realized while driving today that my car doesn't have cruise control. My car in the U.S. didn't either, which really stunk when we had to drive 14 hours out to Colorado. But from here, if you drive 14 hours, you'd be in India. I think it takes 1 hour to drive across the whole island. Anywhere that gets you up to speed will be like driving on Hwy 100 in Minneapolis - not far. Top speed is 90 km/hr which I think is around 55 or 60. So I don't miss cruise.

Another thing I've noticed related to speed is that if you aren't sure what the speed limit is, you're pretty safe driving the same as everyone else and remaining under the speed limit. People just don't seem to feel the need for speed. And why should they? Speeding cracks me up. If you drive 15 miles over the speed limit for say, 30 minutes, what are you going to shave off - 30 seconds? Did you have big plans for those 30 seconds?

But I digress. Sorry, hot button. So Singaporeans don't really speed is what I'm saying.

I've started radio surfing. Do you ever hit the search button, then forget and realize a minute later that you don't really like what you've landed on? That happens to me quite a bit because I'm concentrating hard on not hitting other drivers, and inevitable the station I've found is in another language. Singapore radio gives equal air time to all languages, so finding an English station can be hard. My usual response is, "Yikes." I didn't realize how much I was using that word until Ethan used it on a Chinese station the other day (it was some weird slow song - I couldn't blame him for saying it).

Ok, final comment about driving. I hate motorcycles. I could elaborate but let's leave it at that.

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Gina Marie said...

Dora the Explorer is a cartoon. It's the latest favorite video in the Butz household.