Wednesday, March 30, 2005

An afternoon in a Minnesota winter

By my title, you may think I am nostalgic for a bit of northern weather. Actually, I am here to tell you that I just experienced it.

Those of you from the frozen tundra can picture this: you're sitting in a room (usually your basement) where your heat just isn't cutting it. Despite being fully clothed, a chill hovers around you. The wind whistles outside and shakes the windows, reminding you that you are only a few inches away from bitter cold.

That's what it felt like this afternoon during my three hours in Erik's office, I kid you not. I had to keep reminding myself that I really do live on a tropical island. When I left, it took 15 minutes before I felt warm enough to take off my jean jacket. I plan to take up the cause of People Against the Excessive Usage of Air Conditioning in Tropical Climates (PAEUACTC). I'm off to picket.


Anonymous said...

normally i might feel for you, gina, but given that you've lived in Singapore ... for however long it has now been, i'm going to have to be skeptical. how long have you been enjoying 80+ degrees of warmth? i've got a feeling that what you now think of as really cold in march is probably what the rest of us in the midwest (can't say MN anymore) would call beautiful weather (as in 50+ degrees).

i talked someone in Los Angelos the yesterday and said i was jealous of california weather, to which she replied that I shouldn't be because it's only about 70 there now, which apparently is pretty chilly.

give me a break.

-Andrew B

Gina Marie said...

Actually, when we first moved into this building in December, the air conditioning was really cold and we couldn't adjust it. When they finally came to fix it, they tested the air coming out and found that it was about 10 degrees Celcius. How long do you think you'd enjoy sitting in 45 degree weather (when you're not dressed for it)? They've raised the temp a bit, but I'm guessing the temperature in Erik's office wasn't any more than 55 or so. Keep in mind too that you warm up to 50 in spring - you don't plunge into from 85 degrees wearing a tank top and a jean jacket. Believe me, I think even you'd think it was cold after sitting in the air con blast for 3 hours.

I'm stickin' to my guns about this one.

Gina Marie said...
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Gina Marie said...

I accidentally posted that comment twice. Anyway, to further justify my position, keep in mind that I said a Minnesota winter from the inside. Don't tell me you've never been inside in the winter and not been warm enough.