Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Watch for closed doors

When I went to the office today, I was surprised to find one of the glass doors propped open. I was glad, because I don't know the code to get in. I left a bit later to use the bathroom which is in the lift lobby, and came back in without incident.

Later still, I had to use the bathroom again (curse that Diet Coke - I might as well pour it straight in the toilet!). As I was walking toward the door, I was distracted by some workers in the meeting room and proceeded to walk with full force into the glass door that someone had closed. I'm talking about a full commitment, no hesitation walk. Slightly stunned and entirely embarassed, I realized that not only had I just done what only birds do, but I didn't know how to get out the locked door.

So to add insult to literal injury, I found the nearest office worker, admitted my accident (which he had heard) and asked for his help. He graciously showed me how to get out and back in again, but not without both of us having a good laugh.

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