Thursday, March 24, 2005

Land without pennies

A long time ago I started a list of the things I love about Singapore. Then, I don't know, I got busy or something and forgot that I had a blog.

So I'm picking up pen (or perhaps I should say keyboard) to comment on a few more things I enjoy about Singapore. I noticed one of them again today at Mustafa (ah, Mustafa!). They don't use pennies here. They exist, but are never used. For the mathematically challenged like me, this is a Godsend. I can add so much more easily this way! America, take note.

And another thing I wish they had in the states - the big yellow X. There's probably a technical term for this, but for lack of it, I'll describe - wherever there's a need for traffic to enter where there's no intersection or stoplight (say, coming out of a mall) there's a big yellow X painted on the ground. If you're stopped on the road, you can't stop on the X, so people are always able to pull onto the road. I love this X! It's amazing what putting some paint on the ground will do. It's like how ants won't cross chalk lines. (that really works - we tried it with the ants who has formed an assembly line from Ethan's room to the kitchen). Sometimes high control can be a good thing.

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