Saturday, March 26, 2005

Reptile Paradise

There were places we probably went as kids that to our parents were seen for what they were - run down and under-budgeted - but to us were pure fun. I suspect Circus World may fit into that category for us. I remember it with joy but I think it has since closed down.

Today, we found such a place in Singapore. It's called the Jurong Reptile Park. We knew we were headed for something less than brilliant when the bus dropped us off between the Reptile Park and the Bird Park, and everyone else went to the birds. The parking lot was deserted, but the door was open so we braved it.

The Reptile Park has the feeling of a Chinese zoo - poor construction, shoddy materials, tiny exhibits. But inside all of that they have a great collection of giant crocodiles and alligators, igunas, giant turtles, hissing snakes, and some large fish (which now makes me wonder why they were in the reptile park). We followed a man through the park as he hand fed all the animals. Ethan enjoyed feeding the iguanas and petting them. Megan even got her hands in there (our former "I'm afraid of all large animals, real or fake" girl).

In the end, they pulled out a small green snake, a young iguana, and a baby crocodile (with its mouth taped shut) and it was picture time. Thanks to the person who invented digital cameras, even though our batteries were dead, we used our card in a German man's camera to take a picture of Erik holding all three animals.

Although the kids were anxious to get the Science Center (also in the Jurong area) they had a blast at the park and touched enough reptiles to make me want to give them full baths afterwards. I'm sure they'll remember it only for the fun it was.

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