Friday, January 20, 2006

Programmed TV

We have a new intruder in our house in the form of cable television. We finally broke down and decided to get our own internet connection instead of sucking off unknowing souls nearby. Erik also wanted a different mobile phone plan, and we found a place where we could get phone, internet and cable combined for less. So we went for it.

We were fully aware that being able to watch television at any time (something we haven't been able to do for the past 6 1/2 years) might be hazardous to our mental health. We tried to justify it by saying things like, "Yeah, we can watch the news, and Discovery channel." So far I've spent a good deal of time watching Golden Globe coverage on the E! channel, and about 1 minute of news. We only signed up for the kids' channels, the educational channels, and some basic entertainment channels, but they have cleverly given us all the channels so that we will become addicted and beg for them at any cost once they snatch them away.

The interesting, and often maddening part of this is how our children do not get the concept of programmed television. I can't begin to cover the variety of questions and comments that betray their lack of understanding. After explaining it one day, Ethan said, "You mean it's like the TV at Nonna and Babba's house?" Yes, son. Now your grandparents and we are the only people in the world with programmed TV. Megan went to the bathroom one day during the middle of Blue's Clues, and was almost in tears screaming, "Stop the movie! Stop the movie!"

So far, we've been less than impressed. Turns out you can have 100 channels in Asia and have nothing to watch, just like in the U.S. But I'm hoping that having this will bode well when the Olympics are showing next month.

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