Sunday, January 15, 2006

Desaru day 2

Despite my late night (got caught up watching Castaway while I was waiting for the music down in the lobby to get quieter or just plain stop), we only slept in until 7:30. Actually, that is sleeping in for us since we are normally up at 5. Yes, that's right, we're insane. But back to Desaru . . .

Erik had brought his bike, so he wanted to explore the trails around our hotel. I gave the gym a try. It wasn't bad - I walked and ran on the treadmill for awhile listening to my ipod. I felt a little stupid walking on a machine facing a wall of glass that separated me from the beach I could have been walking on. But the beach wouldn't tell me how many calories I was burning or how high my incline was. Mostly, it wouldn't make me walk faster than I wanted to. The beach can be so inconsiderate sometimes.

We squeezed in the last few minutes of breakfast before they closed at 10, then spent about 4 hours on the beach reading and walking. We were the only people there! It was glorious. I had a bit of nap in a hammock there too.

The hotel we stayed in offered a wide variety of activities. We chose to do a river boat tour. We thought we could maybe save some money and go when we wanted to by taking our own car, but decided it wasn't worth it and joined the "group" (which consisted of two other women). Our car is thanking us profusely because the road to the boat dock would have certainly done considerable damage to it.

It was low tide and because of the recent rains the river was fairly muddy, but it was wonderful to take a lazy ride down the mangrove lined river. Erik and I sat on the top and enjoyed the sun slowly going down.

Back at the ranch we ordered up some chicken wings and fries to make up for our early dinner, and watched some HBO. Sometime around 10 they started entertainment downstairs. I mean entertainment. Normally, I'm a big fan of 80's music, but not when I'm going to bed and it's directly below me. I called the front desk - not sure how coherent I was - and asked if they could please turn it down. They apologetically told me it would go until 1 a.m. I'm not sure, but I think that might be why at some point I reached out and knocked the lamp and accompanying objects off my bedside table in the middle of the night - some kind of latent anger coming out.

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