Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slow Drain

Most of the time I think we're doing well here. We love our friends. We love our house. We love what we do. We think this might be the most transformational time in the history of this country, and we get front row seats. We're mighty blessed in that way.

But sometimes I realize that this life takes its toll. It's like there's a slow leak somewhere in our boat, draining us. As much as we've adjusted to life in another culture, it will never be our own. There will always be moments, ways, places where we don't fit, where things rub us the wrong way. Things take longer and/or are more difficult because of the lack of development, the need to speak in a second language, the cultural barriers.

I confess I'm ready to be done with that aspect of our lives. I'd like to plug that hole. I know that moving back to the States will bring a whole new set of challenges, but they will be different and I think I need different right now.

Hmm . . . not the most light-hearted post I've ever written, but there it is!

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