Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The cauliflower left over in the bowl on the table was mysteriously gone. Did one of the kids put it away?

Scout barked her "scary intruders!" bark aimed at my bedroom door at 9:30 pm. I opened it to see one of her toys rolling to a stop right outside. Seemingly on its own. (anyone have weird poltergeist music? Cue now). How did that happen?

5 minutes later, she did the scary bark again. I heard "mommy!" When I stepped out of my bedroom door to see what Megan needed, I realized my foot was wet. What?

The next morning, I found that the wetness corresponded to a large puddle Scout left just inside my bedroom door. Why would she do that at night? And when did she do it?

Apparently before Megan cried out for me in her sleep, causing the dog to bark. Possibly also before the first time Megan make her bark by running down to my room and back up, and in the process kicking one of Scout's toys toward my door (I told you there was no such thing as ghosts, silly).

But did she do it before or after she left the other large puddle by the office door? And why did she pee twice in the middle of the night? And then at 5 am? And then at 7 am even though she hadn't had anything to drink in between? And then again immediately outside?

Probably it had something to do with her consuming all that leftover cauliflower. Note to dog: if you going to try to surreptitiously eat someone's leftover cauliflower, clean your little paws before you climb on the table or they will know it was you (in the morning, when the lights are on).

So cauliflower makes dogs pee copious amounts, and little girls running amok in the night makes them go on high alert. Mysteries solved.

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