Tuesday, November 08, 2011

China Does It Again

Throughout our 12 plus years in Asia, we've learned to live without some things, or to become accustomed to the Asia version of them. But once in awhile, China will pull out a version of something that makes me say, "This is (almost) just like home!"

Last spring, it was the saltines. Today, it is yogurt.

Yesterday I bought a small container of plain yogurt as a starter for my yogurt machine (whenever I move back to the States, I'm doing whatever it takes to bring that back with me and make it work on 110 power). I bought this particular container simply because it had cool Chinese pictures on the outside and said, "Lao Beijing" which means "Old Beijing" (or, literally, "Old North Capital.")

Imagine my surprise when I dipped my spoon in the yogurt and it left a dent. That's right, it left a dent. For 12 years, I have eaten yogurt that can be poured, yogurt you can drink. Years ago I stopped hoping for yogurt that left a dent. I realized it didn't make a difference in how it tastes, but there's something about it leaving a dent that I've always missed.

Not only does it leave a dent, but it's plain yogurt that doesn't taste like it has a truckload of sugar. So there must be some gelatin in this yogurt and I'm curious to see if it affects the yogurt I'm making. I also realize that if you haven't lived in Asia (and maybe even if you do) you probably don't understand why this is such a fun discovery for me. But trust me, it is. China has done it again.

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