Friday, November 04, 2011

What I Enjoy about Scout

We're a month in, and I've decided Scout's a keeper. I have to be honest, it was tough going there for awhile. Several moments when I thought, "I don't really think I'm a dog person."

But to our children's relief, Scout has earned a spot in the family. Here are a few of the reasons why:

the way she runs to us when we come in a room
and how she does it with her hind legs trying to outrun the front ones
"puppy ball" - when she curls herself up and sleeps in a perfect ball
those eyes!
the way she sniffs into the wind when she's outside, like she's smelling something mysterious
sudden bursts of energy "I must run right now!"
her willingness (already!) to sit and wait to be told she can eat
and how quickly she has learned "stay" (as long as you don't go out of sight)
the way she attacks her toy cat
her joyful response to "Come Scout!" most of the time
and her mysterious "I'm sorry, I'm busy thinking about something else right now" look the rest of the time
how she's learned to go to the bottom of the steps when she needs to go out
and how she (usually) goes in her pen to pee if no one notices her at the bottom of the steps
puppy licks (as long as they aren't on my face - yuck).
a warm puppy on my lap
the way she must stretch first her front legs and then her back ones when she comes out of her crate
how she will jump up and run to sit by the door when she hears the doorbell (though here the doorbell means someone still has to come into the building and up the elevator before she will see who it is)
her sad puppy face resting on one of the holes in the baby gate that keeps her out of the kitchen
how she's learning to ring the bell at the bottom of the stairs when she needs to go out
she chases her tail
she loves us just because we are her people

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