Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thoughts about a new puppy

In the quiet hours of the morning, with our new acquisition viciously attacking a tiny treat, a bone, and two rope toys, I ran through the thoughts I've had about her in the past 18 hours. It was something like this:

We should get her up from her nap so she sleeps through the night
I should go to to bed now because who knows how much she'll be up
Is that her? What is that noise?
Ok it's midnight and she still hasn't made a sound. Is she alive?
One in the morning. Is she alive?
Three in the morning - ok, I hear her sniffing. I should take her out.
4:45 I think she's still awake, though thankfully not whimpering (she only did that for 2 minutes after I put her back in her crate at 3)
She really likes the mat by the door - note to self: buy a mat she can actually claim as her own
She likes licking toes. Yeah, we're going to put the kabosh on that too
These puppy pads are worthless
Is there anything cuter than her attacking that tiny meat treat?
Yep, her climbing into her crate on her own and falling asleep!

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