Saturday, September 24, 2011

Puppy Tales

Our quest to find a dog continues, and in the process we are learning a lot about dog culture here in China. Here's what we understand:

1. There are very few reputable breeders.
2. Dogs at outdoor markets are usually one or more of the following: taken from their mothers too soon, not immunized (though they say they are) immunized too soon so it's not effective, dyed or in other ways enhanced to look better than they are, sick in some way
3. People who have had puppies in their homes will give them away too soon and without immunizations - case in point: Megan and I found 3 absolutely adorable little puppies on the street today. The man was selling them for 10Y each. They were only 20 days old. One sibling had already been sold.
4. Dogs in pet stores probably have been immunized but too soon, and will cost you nearly one month's rent.
5. Most people seem to have obtained their pets from friends.

If we get a dog here who has not been immunized, we have to keep it inside for 8 weeks until it has had all its shots. Obviously, we'd prefer one that has been immunized, but to do that we'd probably have to get an adult dog from someone who leaving. That has the disadvantage of us not being able to train it ourselves. And also, we don't know anyone who is leaving.

We do have American friends who breed dogs and just had a litter, but we couldn't have one of the puppies for a couple more months. Even then, it's not the kind of dog we'd like. What kind would we like? We saw just what we want this morning at a local vegetable market. I asked a woman what kind he is and she said, "Ordinary dog." (unfortunately he belonged to one of the vendors).

So we continue on our hunt for an "ordinary dog." Pray that we find one soon!


laura said...

have you tried taobao? ha. just kidding.... but doesn't it seem like taobao is the answer to every "where can I buy ____ ? question in this country :)

hope you find the right puppy soon, i bet with all your gear set to go the kids are MORE THAN READY to bring one home!!

Gina Marie said...

Tao Bao seriously crossed my mind for about a second. :) I'll buy my turkey from Tao Bao come Thanksgiving but I think I'll stick to dead animals.