Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Shortly after coming back to China, we saw a puppy at the local market for sale. He was just what we were looking for - a scrappy little guy with floppy ears. I took the kids to meet him, and he tried to chew on Megan's hair which she found delightful. We weren't prepared to meet him yet so we prayed that if that was the dog for us, he'd be there when we went to get him.

And he's gone.

When Erik called from the market to tell me, I thought, "Wow, we don't even have him yet and already we're going to have to deal with the devastation of losing him." I immediately went on a local vet clinic's website where they post adoptable pets. Someone had just posted this little guy:

His current owner found him on the street when she was out buying a "jian bing" (sort of like an omlette in fried bread) so that's his current name. By her description he is quiet and pleasant, has been dewormed, and comes with a collar and leash and food.

Today our Tao Bao orders (crate, dog bed, training pads) should all arrive and we can pick him up this Friday when the woman who found him is back from a business trip.

So now we just need to know - what to name him??

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