Thursday, September 22, 2011

Avoiding the Plague

Erik this morning when I crawled back into bed with a headache:

"Shun . . . . Unshun, I love you, re-shun."

I don't blame him. He's the only one who has managed not to be taken down by the dreaded hand, foot and mouth disease. This isn't surprising, given that he is the bionic man, able to run 5 miles on a whim, skips meals and doesn't realize it, and almost never gets sick.

This is good news because he's supposed to fly to the States on Saturday. Maybe more importantly, he's supposed to fly back a week from now with a bag full of stuff we didn't bring back in August (how can my Walmart list be so long??). Now I know the reality is that he is probably carrying that virus around in his body where I like to imagine his immune system like a troll tromping around and slaying all the weak little HFM germs that have dared to disturb its slumber.

Hopefully he was exposed when Megan first had it last Wednesday so it would theoretically be through his system by now. But regardless, he'll be treating himself like he's infected and be keeping a safe distance from all while washing his hands copiously. Pray that he doesn't really have it, and he doesn't pass it to anyone!

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