Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fabric Market

Fabric Market

I wish I could sew, but I can't. My mom tried to teach me but I seem to have retained only the ability to sew a straight line which would be super helpful if my family and I were two dimensional people.

Vera Bradley prints - some of them.
But they're not, so when a friend invited me to go to this huge fabric market on the south side of town my main motivation was, "girlfriend time, photo ops, adventure to previously unvisited part of city." It didn't even occur to me that I might want to buy fabric.

It should have, because then I might have been prepared for what I saw. The first shop we entered had about every Vera Bradley fabric available. I pondered buying some to have a skirt made for Megan, but remembered that she has three skirts and that might be capacity for our little girl who hates dressing up. Instead I bought a remnant of some material that said, "Hello, Gina, I scream your name."
"Hello Gina! Buy me!"

From there we (we being six of us altogether) branched out looking for various things. One friend bought curtain material, another bought enough to make her daughter a jacket and a couple pairs of pants. I saw pink and green camouflage material and decided I could probably find someone to make them into pants for Megan. Total spending so far: about $6 USD.

Any port in a storm - making do with a little table and stools
We ate lunch at a little "restaurant" and I use that term as loosely as possible. It was a collection of rickety tables on dirt, with an eclectic assortments of plastic stools. They were sheltered by a cluster of giant umbrellas and surrounded by carts serving various kinds of fried breads and noodles.

On our way out we stopped to look at a store full of microfiber fabrics. Across from it was another stall with tons of fleece including a pink cheetah print. I picked up 1.5 meters of that ($3.50 USD) to hopefully make Megan a bathrobe.

I'd like to go back, as we barely scratched the surface of what they had. Megan's in love with the cheetah print, I got lots of fun pictures, and good time with friends, so I'd say today was a win.

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Nonna said...

That looks like an incredibly fun place to go. I wish we lived closer! Megan might even find material she likes so much she would want a dress
(or maybe just a skirt) made for her. I would love to sew her something if she would wear it and I could get it to her before she outgrew it. I am sure there are many people there that are able to make her what she would like. That is the blessing!