Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our future Hope Solo

No, I haven't forgotten how to blog. Nor is it for lack of content that I haven't shared anything lately. I've just been enjoying life in Minnesota!

This week was particularly fun as Megan participated in Sports Camp at my home church. Of course she chose soccer for her sport. Initially I was supposed to be one of the coaches, but since they had as many coaches as kids the first day I volunteered to switch to photography. I'm glad I did so I could capture these fun shots:One of the guys visiting from Mexico taught the kids how to do proper headers. Though I've heard kids under age 12 really shouldn't be doing headers, they had a lot of fun trying!

We left early from camp on Wednesday so we could watch the Women's World Cup. Megan was enthralled watching those women play soccer. The next day she wanted to have her coach teach her how to send balls like Hope Solo. Someday!

(If you are unfamiliar with the US women's soccer team, and there's a good chance you are, Hope Solo is the goalie. Technically Megan likes to play offense though!).

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