Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gym Membership

Erik and I are spending the week at a conference in Fort Collins, CO. Included in our conference fee is membership to the Colorado State University gym. I'm normally not a fan of gyms because I hate the extra time it takes to get there, and I feel weird exercising with other people around me. I mean, you never know when you're going to trip and slide off the treadmill, and that's the sort of thing I prefer to do in private.

But a wise woman (I'm talking to you Dayle) told me that life is about seasons, and in this season I have a lot of extra time to go to a gym, and a complete lack of knowledge of where I could safely and enjoyable walk or run around town, so I'm taking advantage of it.

So far I've used the track, an elliptical, a rowing machine, an exercise ball, free weights, and of course the mat for stretching and core stuff. I'm generally sore all over but it feels good because I genuinely enjoy exercise. Yes, you read that right. I do it for fun. And other reasons.

I've been asking myself, "Should I get a gym membership when we go back to China?" But then I remember that my husband travels a lot, and I don't have this much time on normal mornings, and I don't actually know where a gym is, and we already have a treadmill and free weights and TRX bands and P90X and an exercise ball and the great outdoors. So instead I'll just enjoy this time and focus on not falling off the equipment in front of strangers. I think I can manage that.

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laura said...

hey Gina... didn't realize you were at CSU. I've been watching some online, and just finished david platt live. a little distracted with kids around (it's 11am), but it's amazing how much i could follow with the computer sitting in my living room and the volume tad higher than normal :)

i totally worked out at that gym last time i was there - 2003 - and have very similar 'gym thoughts'!

hoping to send a nice chatty email to you soon, plenty happening here to keep me on my toes