Monday, June 06, 2011

Welcome back Gina

It's time to start talking weather again, because I haven't done so in ever so long. I think every other post of mine in Singapore was about the weather, but if you've been there you know why.

I just would like to note that Minnesota Nice is alive and well as evidenced by the forecast. Apparently my home state knows that we have been pegging the thermostat out at over 90 every day here for a little while, and I would like a little respite. So while it's uncharacteristic for this time of year (nay, even record setting) Minnesota is following suite with plus 90 temps through Wednesday, then dropping a massive 25 degrees for our arrival on Thursday, when it proposes to be 65 and raining. It will continue to hover in the 70's for our first few days there. It's like it's saying, "Welcome back, Gina. We've missed you then, dontcha know."

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