Friday, June 03, 2011


I started recording some of my thankful thoughts on my phone since I don't always have my little notebook with me. I hadn't realized how much I was dividing thoughts between the two, and how long it had been since I posted any. So here are the ones from my phone which span over the last month or so.

618. Clouds
619. The feeling of knowing I got the camera shot I wanted
620. A walk in the woods without predicted rain
621. Seeing it rain minutes after I came back
622. Spontaneous time with a great friend
623. Finishing a six year long writing project to the tune of 70,000+ words and 170 pages
624. Giggly moments with Megan
625. Easter (yeah, this list goes back awhile!)
626. Singing In Christ Alone
627. Witnessing our friends' children be baptized
628. A picnic outside with friends
629. More co-workers for my husband
630. Watching little girls play "fairy clubhouse" where flowers are food and tiles are treasures
631. Laughing so hard we cry
632. a stool offered me by a stranger
633. The smell of soy and dark vinegar that will always remind me of China
634. Candied walnuts I never knew you could buy here
635.Working with the best quality people I know
636. Gentle discipline from God
637. Fernando Ortega scoring my mornings
638. Rediscovering how much I love long walks
639. Lazy days
640. 6 days until we hit American soil
641. The world made smaller through friendships with fellow workers in places like Budapest

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