Sunday, May 09, 2010

Signs of summer

using deodorant again (seriously, don't need it in my house in the winter!)
kids who are dirty enough to need daily showers, sometimes twice daily
going through Spray 'n Wash like water
new attempts at a flower garden
an outbreak of English t-shirts on local people that say funny things like, "let's hug no conflict" or "reflection do your best" or "eating food in a cafeteria" (I really want that one)
brightly colored toenails
skinned knees
grilling out
daily lotion usage diminishes
outdoor runs increase
sunrise at 5 am


Unknown said...

My favorite T-shirt is one I saw at a restaurant in Chicago--"I like to say things and eat stuff"

Tammy said...

My favorite one here is "adibas" with the addidas logo on it. :)

Rachel said...

YAY! for summer things!
It did, however, snow in wisconsin on Friday, where I spent the weekend.