Friday, May 21, 2010

Thoughts on redemption

Last Saturday Erik and I had the privilege of hearing thoughts on growth and transformation from a man we both highly esteem and love. Here's my favorite thing he said,

"I am sobered by the depth of my depravity, and I am encouraged by the depth of my redemption."

I love this, because it reminds me something that God has shown me in the last few years - we have to look hard and honestly at our sin and lostness, but we have to look just as hard at and acknowledge God's love, grace and forgiveness that measures and surpasses the depth of our fallenness. Only them do we really see who we are and how much it really cost God to save us. And at the same time, we see how unspeakably amazing and vast is His love for us. Our friend took it a step further for me and reminded me that God doesn't just save us, He sanctifies. There is growth that happens, and instead of only looking at how we fall short, we need to look at and rejoice in how far He has brought us.

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