Monday, May 03, 2010

Chicken Little

This afternoon I had the pleasure of guarding my favorite little person, and by little, I mean my favorite 2 year old. Our neighbor's daughter has taken a strong liking to me. I love hearing her sweet little voice say, "I want Gina Ayi!" Her parents are leaving on a trip tomorrow so I took my little friend out for some fun while they got ready.

We were headed home the back route, going up to the stairs to their deck, when she said, "Chicken!" We looked down, and there in their bushes was a little chick. I couldn't imagine how a chick might have lost itself in this backyard. Was there a wild chicken gang around I didn't know about? Soon we had all the kids looking at and cooing over it. It was pecking around, eating ants. When my friend turned on their hose to clean some dirty feet, it dove into it, obviously thirsty.

We weren't sure what to do with this little guy. I went out to the back fence to see if maybe there was a frantic chicken parent looking for its baby. Instead, there was a woman on a cell phone who asked me anxiously, "Do you speak Chinese?" (that's such a relative question). Then she asked if I had seen a baby chick that had fallen from the third floor balcony. She was afraid it had died. I think the plethora of bushes broke its fall. She was thrilled to get it back. The little boy hanging over the edge of the 3rd floor balcony just looked distressed.

So that was our little chicken falling from the sky adventure for the day.

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Tammy said...

What?! You are kidding right? CRAZY!! and slightly disturbing. (j/k)