Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I Haven't Forgotten to Be Thankful!

I can't believe it's been this long since I posted about thankfulness! In my defense, I have been side tracked by some form of illness for the past four weeks. I guess I know what my first item is:

201. I'm healthy!
202. The weather is AMAZING
203. There was a thunderstorm last night complete with lightning. Forgot how much I miss that!
204. I'm running outside again - very slowly after not being able to run for 4 weeks!
205. Summer clothes
206. Leaving windows open
207. We think we found an apartment
208. My family comes to visit this summer!
209. Only 5 weeks left of homeschool including this one
210. I figured out a back way to 5th Ring Rd. so I can still drive on my "no drive" Wednesday (once you're on 5th Ring it's ok)
211. My family forgives me when I'm not a great cook - that happened last night!
212. The sun is up at 5 so it's easy to get up in the morning
213. It's not cold anymore, so it's easy to get up in the morning
214. I get to coach LEAF again in two weeks with some amazing people
215. As always, Book Depository
216. Opportunities to wrestle with God in prayer
217. Essential oils - really! Been using them for a variety of things
218. Friends who text just to say "I miss you" - you know who you are!
219. My gracious husband
220. Fun times with the family lately playing Mario Kart on Wii
221. Rediscovering the joy of zucchini bread
222. The treadmill for mornings when my husband leaves early
223. Online shopping
224. Hearing stories about China from years ago
225. Giving my kids pancakes for breakfast that remind me of my grandpa

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Tammy said...

I LOVED the storm last night too and LOVED the wind blowing the yuck out of the air today. It was actually BEAUTIFUL out here today! Grass and bushes clean from the rain and wind. . . a billion shades of green and amazing flowers on trees. This is for sure the prettiest time of year in TTY! I am loving it!