Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Plant status

Rest in peace my short lived friends! I'm sorry I brought you out of a nice cool nursery into the sweltering heat and sun of my garden where you bravely fought a losing battle for life. For what it's worth, you were beautiful, and I really thought for a day there that you were going to make it. Goodbye my four green plants, my four flowers in a variety of colors, and my four green plants with bright pink flowers. You may be joined shortly by two magnolia plants, I'm sorry to say. For those of you who have been repotted and placed inside, best of luck to you. I hope you muster the will to live.

But there is hope for the future of this garden! Today we took in five petunias. I have it on good authority that these will survive, and if our neighbor's yard is any evidence, I trust it. They have a number of petunia plants hanging in their backyard and I don't think they bought them yesterday. Our new flowers now sit over the ghosts of plants gone by, safely in their pots to give them a fighting chance at life (not to mention height). I thought these five would be enough to cover the length of the garden, but I think I might need 3-4 more. We're going to see how these do first. Live my little petunias, live!

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